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Established in 2009
Level 4 B-BBEE Supplier



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Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services, or IRAS, is a Close Corporation registered as Becking Holdings cc registered on the 17th of March 2004 (Registration Number: CK 2004/026172/23) trading as Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services since 2009. IRAS is owner operated by one female director - Christina Nichola - and with Michael H. Rea in the Managing Partner and Lead Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP) role.  IRAS is an Exempted Micro Enterprise and is therefore an automatic Level 4 supplier as per the Department of Trade & Industry (dti) Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practices.

IRAS is committed to the values of transparency, accountability and fairness. As a result, ALL of our research is provided to ALL stakeholders for FREE! Our goal is to ensure that as many people have access to our research as possible, while ONLY ASKING IN RETURN that IRAS is a) duly cited/recognised for our effort, and b) duly considered for work (anywhere in the world).

We may be "inexpensive", but we're not "cheap".

We offer a LOT for very little in return!

IRAS offers a suite of core services that are broken into three main lines - Assurance, Authorship and Advisory - but also prides itself on conducting significant research on an annual basis, and providing thought leadership articles to our many stakeholders.



Provision of Independent Third-Party Assurance over the ESG/Sustainability content within Integrated Annual Reports, Social & Labour Plan Annual Reports and various other corporate reports to stakeholders



Writing & graphic design of Integrated Annual Reports, Social & Labour Plans (SLPs), SLP Annual Reports, Mine Community Resettlement Reports and various other corporate reports to stakeholders.



Stakeholder Engagement Plan Development, Training & Lecturing, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Socioeconomic Development (SED) planning, implementation and monitoring & evaluataion.



Research Interns (2) and Junior ESG/Sustainability Analyst - 02 June 2022

IRAS is seeking to add two recent varsity graduates seeking their first career work experience in the provision of

ESG/Sustainability Assurance and Advisory Services, beginning with a 3-month research internship that could develop into a full-time/permanent position. 

IRAS is also seeking someone with some (1-3 years') experience working in the ESG/Sustainability space. To be considered, a candidate must be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of knowledge of sustainability reporting advisory and/or assurance.

Preference will be afforded to female and historically disadvantaged South African candidates with zero post-varsity work experience. 

Additional information is available in "About IRAS".

Interested applicants must send a concise (max 2 pages) CV to



70 13th Street, Parkhurst

Johannesburg, South Africa 2193

+27 (0) 62 810 0118

Thanks for submitting!