Integrated Reporting & Assurance Services, or ‘IRAS is a Close Corporation registered on the 12th of April 2011 (Registration Number: 2011/006116/07). IRAS has one Non-Executive Director, Christina Nichola, one Managing Partner and Lead Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP), Michael H. Rea, two full-time Associates (currently searching for two more), and a group of extremely important and highly skilled "Networked Associates". 


Due to its total annual revenue of less than R10 million, IRAS is deemed an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) according to the revised Department of Trade and Industry (dti) Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), and thus a Level 4 Supplier. 

As Managing Partner and Lead Assurer, Michael has undergraduate degrees in Biology and Psychology, as well as an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility. He is highly experienced in the field of Independent Third-Party Assurance (ITPA) over ESG/Sustainability Reports and/or ESG/Sustainability sections within Integrated Annual Reports.  Michael has presented widely on ITPA and is well-versed on local and international best practice, including AccountAbility’s AA1000AS Assurance Standard.  Michael, in partnership with AccountAbility (UK), facilitated SA’s only Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner (CSAP) course (2009 through 2013).

Michael's consulting and research activities are supported by three full-time consultants, Megan (MSc), Bradley (BSc) and Venita (BSc). Each team member has indicated that the primary reason for joining IRAS was their desire to apply their skills and experience in the field of ESG analytics and assurance, while gaining practical experience that will further expand upon their existing skills and experience.

An additional team member, Lamack, is a part-time associate based in Zimbabwe. With more than 16 years' experience in the Health, Safety & Environment field, almost exclusively in the mining sector, Lamack's ambition is to either extend our assurance reach into Zim, or to replicate the business model on his own, while maintaining his role as a "Networked Associate" within a group of 20 such specialist who partner with IRAS as/when specific skills and capacity are required.


As a demonstration of our commitment to sustainability, IRAS supports socioeconomic development (SED) by directing up to 10% of all revenue (not the SA standard of 1.0% - 1.5% of Net Profit After Tax) to projects that IRAS is actively involved in. In 2020, under severe COVID constraints within the business IRAS was able to direct more than 5% of our total income to SED (20% in 2019, 15% in 2018). As from September 2018, the bulk of all SED spend is directed to the Siyathuthuka Khalokhazi Basket Ladies project in rural KZN. 

Our Team

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With undergrad degrees in Biology and Psychology, plus an MBA, Michael has be providing ESG/sustainability reporting and assurance services to clients in 19 countries for over 20 years.

When AccountAbility (UK) had its shit together, Michael was their sole representative in SA, training over 130 new Certified Sustainability Assurance Providers (CSAPs) between 2009 and 2013, in partnership with the ACCA and the University of Stellenbosch Graduate School of Business.

Originally from Canada, Michael moved to South Africa in 1999 and considers himself a ‘wannabe S’African’. He created IRAS as a shared value entity that generates income as a means to have an over-sized socioeconomic impact on our employees, our business partners, and the beneficiaries of the Siyathuthuka Khalokhazi Basket Ladies project: a 100% Black Female microeconomic development project based in northern KZN.

A passionate e-cyclist, Michael rode across Canada (Victoria to Halifax) in 2018, and from Cairo to Francistown (Botswana) in 2019. The plan for 2020…once the borders re-open…is to return to Francistown and complete the last leg of his ‘Cairo to Cape Town Carbon Free’ ride.

Michael’s principle aim in SA’s post-COVID era is to employ up to 10 people interested in using IRAS as a means of creating their own jobs, doing something of strategic importance to IRAS inasmuch as it’s important to themself.

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Bradley is a recent graduate in Environmental Science from Wits University, and a relatively recent entrant to their Master's of Science programme in Climate Change. His projected completion data will be the end of December 2022. 

In the meantime, Bradley has proven himself to be an effective member of the IRAS team, assisting with our annual Sustainability Data Transparency Index (SDTI), continuing to work full-time while conducting his research and thesis.  

Bradley's particular areas of scientific research focus include how communities are structured to respond to extreme heat risks within an urban environment. Beyond this, Bradley is also interested in Climate Change in general, as well as the role companies play, or ought to play, with respect to reducing the harmful effects of carbon emissions.

Bradley is a university-level hockey player, having previously represented his schools, province and South Africa. While continuing to play competitively, Bradley is also a coach and mentor to many developing players. 

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Megan is currently awaiting formal graduation from Wits' Environmental Sciences department with her Master's of Science in  Environmental Education. Her project was completed in April 2021, and focused specifically on the current state of environmental education in Gauteng high schools (public and private). 

Over the past few months, Megan has proven herself to be an effective member of the IRAS team, assisting with our annual Sustainability Data Transparency Index (SDTI), and the provision of AccountAbility's AA1000AS v3 assurance (Type 1). 

Megan's particular interest is in environmental consulting within high environmental and social impact industries, moving beyond reporting to gain a better understanding of how companies can identify, prioritise and mitigate their critical impacts.

Megan's hobbies include art (sketching) and music (playing guitar, piano and marimba).

IRAS is recruiting

02 June 2022

IRAS is currently seeking to fill three positions for our Johannesburg office, noting the following:

Ours is a very small company and our offices are in an expanded work-from-home environment in Parkhurst, where the atmosphere is structured around being "highly relaxed", inclusive of a "come as you are" dress code (while in office...business casual for most client facing activities).

Due to the nature and size of our company, IRAS is in a unique position to offer junior associates the opportunity to quickly develop the skills and knowledge required to participate in client-facing work in direct partnership with our highly experienced team leader.

Compensation is based on level of experience, with a reasonably aggressive escalation of earnings plan for persons starting out as interns. Our goal is to be competitive within the market while maintaining our own level of economic sustainability balanced with strategic competitiveness within our field.

Salaries (excluding interns/trainees) are supplemented by shared revenue bonuses on a quarterly basis if/when pre-determined revenue targets are achieved.

Our work hours are from 08h00 to 17h00 with an hour lunch break. However, due to the nature of our client engagements, working beyond normal hours is to be expected (and required, within reason). In many cases, such as when travel to/from client locations occurs on weekends, consideration is automatically given to the provision of "leave in lieu" (i.e., compensation in the form of additional days off).

Annual Leave is four weeks per annum, of which a minimum of two weeks are guided by the December/January holiday period. All leave outside the year-end shut down period must be planned in advance, and any/all leave not taken during a calendar year from date of employment will be lost. 

Two weeks (10 days) of study leave per annum, over and above annual leave, is made available to any/all employees working towards a second (or subsequent) degree at a local university.

Ongoing self-enrichment and/or awareness training is required of ALL employees - inclusive of the Managing Partner - and forms a key component of any/all bonus and/or salary increase considerations. This form of learning is expected to occur outside normal working hours.

Research Interns (2)

Individuals seeking that 'first real job' upon completion of an undergraduate degree at the Bachelors and/or Masters level are invited to submit  a brief CV (maximum of 2 pages) to michael@iras.co.za.

The job consists of completing Sustainability Data Transparency Index (SDTI) gap analyses to collect and collate data from ALL of the companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), and then ultimately translating that data into information used in various client engagements.

All relevant training is provided on-the-job.

Key skills include the ability to effectively utilise both Word and Excel, while demonstrating the ability to pay very close attention to detail (ATD). 

ESG/Sustainability Analyst (1)

Individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and experience beyond their first post-varsity job are invited to submit  a brief CV (maximum of 2 pages) to michael@iras.co.za.

The job consists of analysing information collected and collated by our SDTI research and translating the information into guidance material required to inform the advisory and/or assurance services IRAS provides to its clients.

Prior consulting experience is required, preferably in the ESG/Sustainability space, and with specific experience in the provision of independent third party assurance over the ESG/Sustainability content within integrated annual reports and/or sustainability reports. 

Key skills include the ability to effectively utilise both Word and Excel, while demonstrating the ability to pay very close attention to detail (ATD).