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Although we believe our greatest 'value for money proposition' resides within our ability to deploy more than 22 years of experience and research into the provision of Independent Third Party Assurance (ITPA) over the ESG/Sustainability content within the IAR, IRAS is frequently called upon to write a variety of reports for clients. These include: 


  • ESG/Sustainability Reports

  • Climate Change Reports

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Annual Reports

  • Corporate Social Investment (CSI)/Socioeconomic Development (SED) impact reports

  • Integrated Annual Reports 

  • Social & Labour Plan (SLP) submissions to government

  • Annual Social & Labour Plan (SLP) Annual Reports 


Due to increasing demand for our services, IRAS has invested in the development of increased capacity to write more reports for clients. However, we continue to engage with a set of "Networked Associates" whose primary activity would be report authorship as/when needed.

Over the years, IRAS has acted as the GRI's local partner in the development of SMME Annual Reports within the PUMA (global) supply chain, including for one company - Impahla Clothing - who, through our efforts identified the opportunity to become PUMA's first Carbon Neutral Supplier in Africa (second in the world). This process was set about in an effort to find ways to reduce Impahla's carbon footprint, but quickly turned into an incredible journey that IRAS was thrilled to have played a small part in.
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Lonmin - Messina SLP AR - 2017.png
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Lonmin - Messina SLP AR - 2018.png
Lonmin - WPL & EPL SLP AR - 2018.png
Lonmin - Pandora SLP AR - 2017.png
Lonmin - WPL & EPL SLP AR - 2017.png
Lonmin - Pandora SLP AR - 2018.png
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